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Happy Belated Birthday To J.E.D.I. | Jerry’s Easy Demo Import

It is hard to believe that 1 year has passed since J.E.D.I. was first released! It has been a wonderful year! I am grateful for all of the support and feedback from the community. Thank you!

I have a lot of announcements and updates to share, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started…

Version 2.0 Beta Will Be Available Soon

This will be a big update because I’ve completely rewritten the import process code to provide a better experience for users. Users will now see the types of content that will be imported, with progress bars that update during import.

This update also adds in some extra protection against the server timeouts that can happen with larger imports and/or low quality hosting. Here are some of the measures that I’ve added…

  • Media is imported in batches, and the size can be configured as needed.
  • If there is a timeout during a batch import, it will now repeat that batch and try again up to ten times.
  • After the third attempt the thumbnail creation will be disabled to enable much faster image processing.
  • If timeouts continue to happen, the batch size will be reduced automatically and increasingly with each successive attempt.

Of course the update also includes many other additional features and fixes.

I will be making the beta version available from within your Purchase History on As long as you have an active license you’ll be able to download it and try it out yourself.

Releasing 2.0 With A New Name

I lay awake every night fighting the overwhelming fear of Disney’s lawyers knocking on my door for using the name J.E.D.I…. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little.

When I first released J.E.D.I. I really did not know how long it would be a product that people would need. So I named it something fun to see how it would go.
No lawyers have visited yet, but it is time to mature a little and grow out of the nickname. Like any good nickname, it will stick with those who go way back… I’m still known as “Little Jerry” to some family members… and Geno Quiroz! 😉

Although you and I will always know it as J.E.D.I., the public name going forward will be
Easy Demo Import Pro.

New License Options & Pricing

It is the typical coming of age story, there comes a point where dreams meet reality and then adjustments must be made. The current price is just not sustainable for me to maintain and improve the product long term.

So here is the plan for updated license options:

  • $50 – Export From 1 WP Installation
  • $100 – Export From 5 WP Installations
  • $200 – Export From Unlimited WP Installations

Your current J.E.D.I. license will continue to work and not be limited, the new pricing will take effect at renewal time. (Psssst! Hey you! Yeah you with the license about to expire. If you renew now you lock in the old price for the year! Don’t tell anyone ok?)

Imports are not impacted by your license limits or expiration, that would just be a horrible experience for all of us.

I also wanted to add some more value to Easy Demo Import Pro along with the pricing change, so you’ll be happy to learn that with version 2.0 you’ll be able to include all active plugins in the export package. Yep, you read that correctly, you’ll be able to include plugins from the repository and any other custom or 3rd party plugin!

New Documentation & Demo Website:

Check out this documentation and demo site that I built using one of Elegant Themes’ layouts. It is a work in progress and will develop more over time, but it really shows how many things are included in the export/import process.

The best part is that this site is actually a child theme that I’m making available as a free download! So new users can see it in action without having to figure out how to export first. In fact, you can download it right now if you want to see the new import process. Go ahead, try it on a local installation of WordPress, or on a development server, or wherever you’d like!

More News To Come

I’ve shared a lot already, but I still have some big items on my todo list…

  • Rewrite the export process to match the import
  • Enable export for child themes of ANY parent theme
  • Enable export for independent custom themes
  • Release the Customizer options product for easily adding customizer controls to your theme
  • Addons for common plugins to import important settings