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Remove Importer Content And Functions

Follow these instructions to clean up and remove the files and functions used to import the demo content. Content that has already been imported will not be affected.
Layout Kit Plugin - All Versions

Simply deactivate the layout plugin from the WordPress Plugins page.

Child Theme created with Easy Demo Import Pro Version 2.1+

After the demo content has been imported, the main page of the import menu will contain a button to delete the importer content.

Child Theme created with all previous versions

To remove the importer requires two steps.
STEP 1: Remove the require_once statement on line 1 of the functions.php file.
STEP 2: Then Delete the jedi-apprentice folder from the child theme folder.

STEP 1: Modify The Child Theme functions.php File

The first line of the functions file will contain a require_once statement that must be removed. Here’s a screenshot of what that may look like…

If you do not have experience modifying theme files, you should approach this cautiously and prepare yourself. Here is a good article to bring you up to speed:

After you delete the require_once statement, Line 1 should look like this…

STEP 2: Remove The jedi-apprentice Folder

Use an FTP client to delete the jedi-apprentice folder from the Child Theme folder.