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J.E.D.I. Documentation


J.E.D.I. is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables you to Export your Divi website as a Layout Kit Plugin or Child Theme!

There are two parts to J.E.D.I., the Exporter (aka J.E.D.I. Master) and the Importer (aka J.E.D.I. Apprentice). With J.E.D.I. Master you can select a variety of options to export the demo content and settings of your Divi website. It packages this up into one .zip file for distribution to your users.

Please note: J.E.D.I. was primarily designed to be used for demo content and is not a intended to be a backup solution or a migration tool for large websites. There are limitations to the type and amount of content that is exported and imported.


  • Installation
  • Export Demo Content
  • Additional Options
  • Distributing Your Products
  • Additional Notes
  • J.E.D.I. Hooks & Filters
  • J.E.D.I. Apprentice – Import Demo Content
  • Installation

    J.E.D.I. Master is installed as a standard WordPress plugin. From WP Admin, click Plugins and then Add New. Upload the file and activate it.

    System Requirements:

  • PHP 5.6+
  • WordPress 4.8+
  • Divi Theme 3.0.65+
  • J.E.D.I. Master – Export Demo Content

    Include Posts And Pages

    This option will package up your posts, pages, and other custom post types. You can select which post types are included on the Additional Options page.

    Include Media Library

    Select this option to include your entire media library in the export. Make sure you optimize and refine your Media Library before exporting for the best experience for your users.

    Include Divi Theme Options & Divi Customizer Settings

    This option allows you to export all of the settings from Divi’s Theme Options and all of Divi’s standard Customizer settings.

    Include Customizer Additional CSS

    Make sure you select this option if you put any CSS in the Custom CSS box in Divi Theme Options or in the Customizer Additional CSS.

    Include Menu Structure

    Select this to export the current menu structure, including the Primary Menu, Secondary Menu and Footer Menu. This will export all menus setup on your demo website.

    Include Widget Settings

    Divi’s Widget Areas and your own Custom Widget Areas can be exported. Users should take note that importing the Widget Settings will overwrite all widget settings on their website.

    Automatically Set Homepage

    Selecting this option will give your users the opportunity to have their homepage automatically set to the homepage you have currently set. To use this option you must have a Static Front Page selected in the WordPress Reading Settings.

    Import Installer Style

    J.E.D.I. Pro can package your demo content as a Plugin or Child Theme. The free version can only use the Plugin option.

    Plugin – This option is best suited for content that does not require additional php customizations or a CSS stylesheet. Use this when your demo content is configured and styled using the WordPress customizer and options in Divi\’s modules. With this option, the zip file that J.E.D.I. creates must be installed as a WordPress Plugin.

    Child Theme – This option is for demo websites that utilize more advanced customizations. To use the Child Theme option, you must have a Child Theme already installed and set as the Active Theme. J.E.D.I. does not currently generate a Child Theme for you. All files in the current child theme folder will be included in the packaged zip file. With this option, the zip file that J.E.D.I. creates must be installed as a WordPress Theme.

    If you would like to consider the differences between a Layout Kit and a Child Theme, we recommend reading this article by Geno Quiroz, The Difference Between Divi Layout Kits & Premium Divi Child Themes

    Import Installer Name

    Choose your Installer Name carefully. This is the name that users will see in the WordPress Admin Menu. This will also be used to name the plugin/theme folder and zip file.

    Import Installer Message

    Whatever message you write here will be placed at the top of the Import Page. You can use this field to introduce yourself, convey your thanks, provide instructions, etc. We recommend reminding the user to backup their website before running the import process.

    Recommended Plugin

    You can recommend a plugin to go along with your demo content. Input the plugin name and a link for users to download the plugin. The plugin name and link will be shown to the user near the top of the import page.

    J.E.D.I. Master – Additional Options

    The items on this page allow you to adjust more details for the content that is exported. These settings should be modified and saved prior to running the export.

    Select Post Types To Export

    This allows you to select from the standard WordPress & Divi Post Types, as well as any Custom Post Types available on your demo site.

    If you are selecting Custom Post Types for export, keep in mind that those post types must be registered on the user website before those posts can be imported. It is best if the post type is setup in the functions.php file to ensure that it is registered at the time of import.

    Include Category Data

    The Category taxonomy data can be included in the export to preserve the category structure of your posts. This is especially useful for layouts and child themes designed for blogs.

    Include Featured Image Data

    Select this to include the featured image data in the export. When the user runs the import the posts will be updated to use the Featured Image that was imported into the Media Library.

    Custom Support Message

    Here you can customize what your users see on the Support page. The default message points users to the JEDI Knowledgebase on You should add in your own contact information or links to help users reach you for support. We are happy to support J.E.D.I., but we do ask you to be the first level of support for your own users and products.

    Your Custom Documentation Page

    These fields are used to generate a Documentation Page for the Import Plugin or Child Theme that you export. They are populated with some general instruction for your users. You can modify these fields to customize the documentation page as is appropriate for your demo content.

    Distributing Your Products

    Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when utilizing J.E.D.I. to distribute your products.

  • You should thoroughly test the import process. Because every website is unique, there are some situations and circumstances that are unforeseen. We recommend that you test the import process on several different servers to compare the results.
  • Have an alternate delivery method ready for your users. We cannot guarantee that J.E.D.I. will always work in every environment. Divi’s standard Export Options serve as a solid alternate option.
  • Remind your users to backup before importing.
  • We are happy to support J.E.D.I., but we do ask you to be the first level of support for your own users and products.
  • Additional Notes

  • J.E.D.I. has not been tested on Multisite environments. If that is a need that you have, please let us know so that we can explore that further.
  • Security services & plugins may cause issues with J.E.D.I. during Export and Import. If those are in use, they should be disabled temporarily.
  • J.E.D.I. Hooks & Filters

    Developers are now able to extend the functionality of the J.E.D.I. Import Process. Some documentation for that can be found here: If you would like to do even more than what is provided, let us know and we can explore those options with you.

    J.E.D.I. Apprentice – Import Demo Content


    Imports work best on a fresh installation of WordPress with the Divi theme installed. It is always recommended that you verify that you have a good backup prior to importing new content.

    Include Posts And Pages

    This option enables the importing of posts and pages as well as custom post types such as Projects and the layouts from the Divi Library. Current posts, pages and custom post types will not be modified or removed.

    Include Media Library

    Check this to import the demo images into your WordPress Media Library. Current items will not be modified or removed.

    Include Divi Theme Options & Divi Customizer Settings

    Notice: This option will overwrite all the current Divi Theme Options and Divi Customizer Settings.

    Include Customizer Additional CSS

    This option will add any extra CSS from the demo content to the Customizer’s Additional CSS. This is typically used when a child theme is not setup.

    Include Menu Structure

    Check this to recreate the menu structure from the demo content. Your current menus may be modified depending on their settings.

    Include Widget Settings

    Notice: This will overwrite all current widget settings.

    Automatically Set Homepage

    This option will update the WordPress setting to display a static front page.