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I know it is way late into the game, but I finally carved out some time to install Gutenberg, play with it, and most importantly test the export and import process with my J.E.D.I. plugin. I'm happy to say that it was a good experience all around. I think I might be a gutenbeliever now! 😉

Using The Gutenberg Editor

I found it to be simple, easy to use, and very fast! As with anything new it will take a little bit of getting used to. I'm using Gutenberg for this post, can you tell?

Exporting Gutenberg Pages & Posts With J.E.D.I.

As far as J.E.D.I. is concerned, pages & posts created with Gutenberg work exactly the same as standard WordPress content and Divi Builder content. The post content is stored in the database, and the way that Gutenberg handles the actual HTML is clean and straightforward enough that images transfer over smoothly. 

I added a new page to the Hope Child Theme and used J.E.D.I. to import the content on a fresh install.

So you can create some pages with the Classic Divi Builder, other pages with Divi's Visual Builder, and still more pages with the Gutenberg Editor, and all your old Classic Editor pages will still work too.

As the Gutenberg project progresses I'm sure there will be some blocks that will need special attention.

Are you using a special Gutenberg Block that I should use for testing J.E.D.I.?