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Hello J.E.D.I. Users!

This is Jerry, creator of J.E.D.I. | Jerry’s Easy Demo Import. I have some important updates to share with you and there is a lot to share so let’s jump right into it…

Critical Bug Fix Released This Week

I had to act quickly this week as we discovered that some important functions in Divi changed with the update to version 3.0.99. The change resulted in Fatal Errors during the Export process for J.E.D.I., as well as the Import process for any Plugin or Child Theme created with J.E.D.I. for users with Divi 3.0.99+ installed. For J.E.D.I. Pro users, the update is available through the WordPress Dashboard. For users of the free version, you will need to re-download and install the update.

Important: Any plugins or child themes that you have distributed will need to be re-packaged with the new version. I do apologize for the inconvenience, it is unfortunate, but unavoidable when building products based on another company’s product.

Version 1.1 Offers Some Great Features!

Since the initial release of J.E.D.I. in August, I have received a ton of great feedback and been able to work with some amazing people who are using it to release their own products. The results are evident in version 1.1 which makes packaging your child theme or plugin more convenient than ever before! Here are a couple of highlights included in this update:
Added Recommend Plugins Option For WordPress Repository Plugins – This was one of the most-requested features. Version 1.1 enables a new page in J.E.D.I. allowing you to select any plugin found in the repository to include in your export. On import, the plugins are installed and activated automatically.
Improved Media Library Export & Import – One of the biggest challenges we face in distributing products, is the multitude of environment settings our users have, and that is especially true with the lower cost/performance hosting. But you now have options to help address those challenges. The new default in version 1.1 is to include thumbnails for media files, which makes the zip file a bit larger, but significantly cuts down the processing time on import so that servers don’t time out trying to create all of Divi’s thumbnail versions. This option can be turned off on the Additional Options page if you prefer a smaller zip file.
Many Other Upgrades, Bug Fixes & Adjustments – Such as improved handling of Global Sections & Modules, improved handling of Categories and Tags (including hierarchical), improved handling of settings when users switch between J.E.D.I. themes, new option to Exclude Posts By ID (thanks Terry Hale for this!), added Reset Options button, and improved multisite capability for export.

First J.E.D.I. Extension Is Now Available – Export Any Plugin

I am excited to offer this new plugin that extends J.E.D.I. Pro and enables you to export any plugin. That’s right! Now you can include 3rd party plugins in your installation package! This is a premium addon that requires J.E.D.I. Pro.

Purchase J.E.D.I. AnyPlugin

J.E.D.I. Has A New Home –

This change does not impact much for users of J.E.D.I., but it is a big one for me personally. The sales and support of J.E.D.I. will now be handled through my own company/website, which was not quite ready when J.E.D.I. was first released. Geno and Monterey Premier have been gracious hosts and I will be forever indebted. We will continue to work together as we always have, this is just the next step forward as part of my own personal growth and development.

Your Monterey Premier purchase has been preserved and migrated to Fervent Solutions, but to access it through the website you will need to create an account using the email address you used for your original purchase. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I’ll be glad to help you get setup.

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New Facebook Group

Along with the decision to move J.E.D.I., I have decided to transition away from the Google Group that we had initially setup. That was a good experiment, but it really ended up being more complex than needed. In its place I have created a new Facebook Group for J.E.D.I. Users to facilitate discussions and announcements. I hope to see you there!

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What’s Next?

On my to-do list is another much requested feature, to enable the removal of demo data after it has been imported. Once things get a bit more settled I’ll be working on that process.

Are you interested in a Customizer Extension for J.E.D.I.? – Picture this, you build your child theme, and then have some simple fields to fill out that enables your users to use the WordPress Customizer to adjust the theme colors. No PHP or JS code required for you, and no CSS code required for your users. Does that sound amazing? Let me know!

Feel free to reach out and let me know if you have any other feedback, feature requests, product ideas, or lightsaber recommendations.