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Under The Hood Improvements

This release is all about patching, hardening, and clean up within the code. It took a long time to work through everything, but additional steps have been added to my workflow to help prevent future issues.

Making Amends For Paid Users

Because of the time between releases I think it is only fair to extend the license for paid users to make up for the delay. So if you had a valid license from February through June I have extended your license to be valid for another six months. Feel free to let me know if it looks like I missed your account.

Where Is The Free Version?

The free version was based on the original J.E.D.I. code and I cannot not recommended it for ongoing use. I will be working on an updated free version over the coming weeks.

Don’t Forget About The Features Added In Version 2.4

Since it has been a while you may have forgotten about these new features. Learn more in the version 2.4 release post.

  • Divi Theme Builder
  • Elementor & Elementor Pro (entry level support)
  • Placeholder Images

Please Test Before Distributing Your Exports

Every WordPress child theme developer does things a little bit differently and it is not possible for me to try all methods and techniques. I test as much as I’m capable of testing, but you may still encounter some situations that have not yet been seen or tested. Please test your own products before distributing them. Let me know if you do identify a concern, and if you can provide some details or the export zip file that will help to speed up a solution.