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Divi Theme Builder

Divi’s new Theme Builder feature has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for creators of Child Themes and Layout Kits! And now Easy Demo Import Pro can export those custom headers and footers, layout templates, category pages, and anything else you create in the Divi Theme Builder. Users can import everything just as easily as before while experiencing your new theme builder elements!

One practical note: I’ve always said that imports work best on a fresh installation of WordPress and Divi, this is still true, and maybe even more true than before. The import is designed to be non-destructive as much as possible, so that existing user content is not deleted or modified. If there is existing content within the Theme Builder at import, that content will remain but it will become inactive which might surprise some users when they see a dramatic change on the front end of their website.

Elementor & Elementor Pro

The first steps into the world of Elementor have been taken! This release is focused on some of the main content elements and settings that Elementor uses to store it’s content.

This has been my first real experience with Elementor, it is definitely very very different from Divi in the way the data is stored! With all of the complexities and possible ways to do different things it will be a process of time to identify and add full support. Here is a quick rundown of what is working so far: Page & post content, syncing post ids in post meta, import options from database, syncing ids & urls in CSS files, custom fonts, theme builder options and library items.

Placeholder Images

One of the biggest challenges for those distributing layout themes and layouts is the complicated license issues of photos and images. How can you find quality images to demonstrate your awesome designs, and that won’t cost you a fortune to obtain the license to distribute them within your product? If you’re familiar with that pain, you can breathe a sigh of relief now. You’ll find a new page within Easy Demo Import that allows you to select images that will be replaced with absolutely free placeholder images from! You still get to show off your awesome design!

Thank You For Your Patience!

Many of you have reached out to me expressing the need for this update. I know it took a while, and I appreciate your patience, and persistence in reaching out to me. Here’s the deal… I work two full-time jobs, one as a pastor at a small church and another as developer at a local company. I continue to develop and support Easy Demo Import as much as I can, but the time is obviously limited. So I apologize for the delayed release and long wait. I know many of you can relate. I continue to invest in this product in the hopes that it helps empower you and relieve you of some of the pressures you face.

Please Test Before Distributing Your Exports

The three main features of this update are brand new. Although I test as much as I’m capable of testing, you may still encounter some situations that have not yet been seen or tested. Please test your own products before distributing them. Let me know if you do identify a concern, and if you can provide some details or the export zip file that will help to speed up a solution. Also, previous versions of the plugin are available to download within your account on Fervent Solutions in case you need to access them.

Minor Tweaks & Fixes

There’s a new field to specify a database entry in WP Options, this can be used to export and import some plugin settings or other items stored in the database. There’s a new filter available for post meta content at import (jedi_filter_postmeta_content). And there’s a minor improvement to detecting and syncing images at import.

This Release Requires A Manual Update

Because the last few updates have been significant, this update is only available to download from your account on Fervent Solutions, it will not be applied through an automatic update at this time. Click here to access your payment history and download the update. You should backup before updating and run through some tests to verify your demo content exports and imports as you expect.