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Rewritten Export Process

The export process has been rewritten completely to match the import process with live status updates during the export. Because this is all new code this update is only available to download from your account on Fervent Solutions, it will not be applied through the WordPress updates system at this time. Click here to access your payment history and download the update. You should backup before updating and run through some tests to verify your demo content exports and imports as you expect.


This has been a much requested feature. Export & Import no longer relies on any Divi functions meaning that the Divi Theme or Divi Builder Plugin are not required. You can now export your demo content along with a child theme for any WordPress theme.

Important Note: The focus at this point has been to enable the export and import of the main content elements such as Pages, Posts, Media Library Images, Custom Post Types, Menus, etc. However other themes and page builders may use different ways to store data and settings that will not be automatically included. These will have to be addressed and added over time, if you have a particular theme or page builder that you want to see included please let me know.

New Option To Delete Demo Content After Import

This is another much requested feature. It has several components to it on the Export side, and Import side.

Export Page: New ‘After Import Actions’ Option.
 Here you can select what you would like to occur after a user completes the Import process. Here are the available options…

  • Do Nothing – This is the default option.
  • Show Message – Display a custom message.
  • Show Message & Remove Demo Content – Display a custom message with a button to remove demo content.

Custom Documentation Page: A new ‘After Import Message’ field has been added to allow you to write your own message for your users. You can thank them, congratulate them, offer support or additional services, whatever you want. HTML content is allowed.
 Default Message: Thank you for installing and importing! Check out your new home page! Importing again will create duplicate content. Would you like to save a little space and remove the demo content files?

Import Page: After the import completes, the ‘After Import Message’ is displayed at the bottom of the page along with the button to remove demo content. On subsequent visits to the import page the ‘After Import Message’ is displayed at the top of the page.

Remove Demo Content: When a user clicks this button the entire /jedi-apprentice/ folder is deleted to remove the demo content as well as the PHP & JS files that run the import. This also removes the dashboard menu item that was used to run the import.


Minor Tweaks & Fixes

  • Fixed menu import to enable importing more than one CSS class
  • Expanded environment details for logging and troubleshooting
  • Added check for media file during export to prevent copy errors
  • Added notice for missing media library files
  • Minor improvements to handle Multisite Exports and Imports