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Current J.E.D.I. Pro users: This version has been added as an additional download to your purchase. Log into your account on to download it. Your license key for J.E.D.I. also works for Easy Demo Import.

Easy Demo Import 2.0 Release Notes

  • New & Improved Import Process. The import process has been rewritten completely to enable live status updates while the import is happening. Users no longer have to stare at a blank screen wondering if the import finished! There is a new Accent Color option in the Additional Options page that controls the color of the progress bars and status indicators.
  • Import Error Detection. The import process now detects if there is a server error during import and will try to import that batch of data again up to 10 times. After the third attempt the thumbnail creation will be disabled to enable much faster image processing. If timeouts continue to happen, the batch size will be reduced automatically and increasingly with each successive attempt.
  • Import Batch Sizes. The import of media files and posts is now done in batches for extra control and reliability. You can configure how many media files and posts are imported at a time in the Additional Options page. These values can be changed on the import side also, it is found in the Support page.
  • Export/Import ANY Active Plugin. Originally this was only available as an extra add-on, but now it is built in. This process has also been updated to handle situations where plugins attempt to redirect the page or output information.
  • Additional functions for WooCommerce, Lifter LMS, and Give. Some plugins require some extra handling to sync up the data and settings. For WooCommerce, product Gallery Images are kept intact. For Lifter LMS, the Courses, Lessons, and Quiz structure is recreated. For Give, shortcodes for Give forms are updated throughout all content to display the correct form.
    Is there another plugin that I should consider? Let me know!
  • Many other details, fixes, and updates.