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The past five years have been incredible. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating products and working with you to build your websites! The journey has been exciting, educational, fulfilling, and I will be bold enough to hope that my customers and clients feel the same.

Its Not You, Its Me
Fervent Solutions is now paused. No new customers, no new clients. This all started as a side business to my primary job as a pastor at our church. When the side business wasn't meeting our financial needs, I landed another job as a web developer at a local company. Maintaining two jobs and Fervent Solutions has proved to be more than I can realistically handle.

Paused, Not Dead
I look forward to a future where I'll be able to develop new products and partner with new clients to build websites that rock. Hope to see you then!

Stay In Touch
Business is business, but we can still be friends.
Facebook: Jerry Simmons
Church: Living Water Church
Work: Urban Surfaces

Cartoon profile image of Jerry Simmons, Website Designer and Developer at Fervent Solutions

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